14 Tips travel to Indonesia – there are a lot of tips how to get the best and comfortable in travelling in Indonesia. below are the most important things that you should know and to be prepared before yo go travelling in Indonesia

14 Tips travel to Indonesia

14 Tips travel to Indonesia

1. Drink bottled water.

make sure you stock up on bottled water while traveling around the country. It’s not recommended to drink from the tap in Indonesia. Suggested thing to do is purchase a large 2+ big bottles of water and refill at your hotel. Indonesia can get hot so take care to stay hydrated!

2. Consider to have Indonesian SIM card.

It’s very helpfull to have an Indonesian SIM Card. Buy a new SIM Card at nearest store and ask the seller to put it on your phone and make sure it works well with your phone. Price is very cheap for a new simcard with internet package, for example idr 75.000 for 7GB data internet works for 30 days (Telkomsel, XL, Indosat)

avoid buying a SIM card at the airport as the prices are much, much higher than the street price. Go with the expectation of paying around 75.000 – 90.000 rupiah and you should be all set!

3. Download offline maps on your phone.

It will be very usefull to download an offline map of the area that you will be exploring. in this 14 Tips travel to Indonesia we give you some link which are usefull to download; Google Maps and/or Maps.me are two great applications that let you do so. It’s immensely helpful to have this information at your fingertips when you go exploring without WiFi.

4. Check your visa obligations.

Indonesia also offers a free visa-on-arrival to citizens of 61 countries – including the United States – so no need to apply for one ahead of time!. Citizens from 169 countries are eligible for a free tourist visa valid for thirty days. This visa is also valid for 30 days and can be extended an additional 30 days if needed.

5. Respect the local traditions and beliefs.

The population in Indonesian is quite religiously diverse. in Java, the majority of people are Moslem while in Bali the majority are Hindu. Keep this in mind as you travel through Indonesia and be sure to check what the local customs are for each island you intend to visit.

Wether in Java or Bali, you should keep an eye out for the small religious offerings placed on the ground and all around and avoid disturbing them. You’ll also need to wear a sarong and (sometimes) a hip scarf to enter temples. Also for ladies, you’re not allowed to enter temples while having menstruatiion.

6. Travel light + pack only the essentials.

Indonesia offers so many amazing travel experiences that you’ll most likely be hopping from place to place fairly frequently. Traveling light will only make this process easier. It will also give you the room to purchase the extremely affordable souvenirs you’re inevitably going to want!  

Don’t forget to bring your travel adapter! Indonesia uses the ‘C’ type or European-style two-pin round plugs.

7. Bring travel soap to clean up and keep fresh.

This may be a tip more geared towards backpackers, but consider bringing travel soap to keep your clothes and bag fresh and clean! In some area you might be found a lot of beach, jungle, mountain  and active activities, which left you with stinky, wet clothes to carry the rest of your trip! Nobody likes a stinky bag.  

8. Carry cash and carry small denominations.

Smaller merchants and local markets prefer cash and in small denominations when you make a purchase. There will be no problem taking cash out from the local ATMs with your debit card so it was super convenient to grab more when needed!

Most hostels and popular restaurants do take card, but be sure to check beforehand if you’re cashless. Cabs seemed to only accept cash.

9. Pack earplugs and an eye mask.

some people have no issue sleeping in any environment – loud or well-lit, it doesn’t matter. But in Java or Bali the roosters and motorbikes wake up early. Without fail they will let you know around 5 am that they are ready to start the day. If you need your beauty sleep, come with some earplugs and an eye mask to avoid the few grumpy mornings. 

10. Interact with the locals.

Indonesians are such friendly people and have smiling faces! Everywhere you go, folks greet you with genuine smiles and happy hellos. Don’t be shy to interact and have a conversation. It will definitely brighten your day! in this 14 Tips travel to Indonesia we give you some greetings words which are very often and easy to practice in a small conversation with local

You will hear some local especiallya children saying “Hello Mister!” or “Hello Bule!” (Bule means white skins or foreigners)

11. Enjoy the fresh and locally sourced food.

Indonesian food is very cheap and very delicious. Fresh fruit, curry dishes, fried rice and noodles, and more! For authentic and affordable Indonesian fare, visit a warung, small family owned restaurant, and dine with the locals”!

You should only eat cooked fruits and veggies or produce that you can peel yourself to avoid stomach complications. for the sensitive stomachs out there it’s important to know.

12. Learn some survival phrases.

The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa, but almost in every places has a second language. And Bahasa is a languange to comunicate from all over in indonesia.

Try to learn a few survival phrases for your trip. if you can It will be super helpful!

Hello – Halo

How are You?  – Apa Kabar?

Fine – Baik

Thank you – Terima kasih

Yes – Ya

No – Tidak

What is Your name? – Siapa nama kamu?

My name is Ridwan – Nama saya Ridwan

Nice to meet you – Senang ketemu kamu

Sorry – Ma af

Excuse me/pardon me – Permisi

Where is the toilet? – Di mana toilet?

Help! – Tolong!

Where? – Di mana?

How much/many? – Berapa?

13. Prepare for squat toilets and don’t forget the tissues.

I think this is just a good general rule for travel. Toilets in Indonesia were missing toilet paper and soap 90% of the time in the less touristy areas. In big cities such as Jakarta, bandung, Yogyakarta, denpasar mostly had a hard time finding public bathrooms, so take advantage when you have one easily accessible!

14. Avoid drugs, or anything illegal at all costs.

Countries in Southeast Asia have a reputation for being a party paradise filled with magic pizza and special brownies. Indonesia is NOT like other South East Asian countries in this regard and illegal drugs are taken very seriously here.

thats all about 14 Tips travel to Indonesia.