One day in the evening, I met three ladies backpacker travellers from Netherland at budget hotel in Bogor. As usuall i introduced my self and i explained the highlite visit in Java, Bali, Lombok especially west Java.
These ladies were interested in West Java trip and they decided to do the tour with me.

ladies travellers from Netherlands

The day after, in the morning,  car driver and i picked them up from their hotel and started doing the tour.

Firstly we did a city tour and i took some photo shoot with my pocket camera. After finish sight seeing in the city we  continued driving to mountain.

On the way to mountain we stoped at some beautifull views of mountain, rice terrace and vegetables Plantation also to see closely some local people activities such as students, farmers etc and i shooted some photos with my camera for documentation.

beautiful landscape of rice plantation with mountain view

Afterward we did continue driving to a deep inside mountain and we checked in at local people homestay for night sleep.

About 5.00 pm,  we went to river by walking about 20 minutes and there are a little swimming pool nearby river. These three ladies were very happy swimming and playing with water in the river.
 At about 6.00 pm when the sky started dark they moved to swimming pool nearby river and continue swimming in the pool.
As usuall i shooted photograph them and their activities with my camera for documentation.

Once upon time, there were something strange happened with picture on my camera.
When i shooted them while they were swimming, my camera captured something, it was like a smoke.
I checked around me but i found no body else but only me and those three ladies at the pool.

1st shoot, captured a white smoke on the left side

I shooted again those ladies while they swimming and you know what?
my camera captured smoked again even bigger. I checked again surrounding me and i whispered into my eyes but, i could not see any smoke.

2nd shoot, captured a white smoke got bigger

I was increasingly curious and I tried to shoot photograph again and you know what?
Those smoke became some objects captured by my camera.. 
ohh my Godness, do you know what i was feeling at that time?
I was so scared and also i was worried about something would be happen to my guests who were swimming in the pool. 
The two objects looked like someone carrying a death sword and something like the head of a dragon located exactly above of my guests.

I tried to calm myself and checked around, but my naked eyes didn’t see anything like what was inside on my camera. 
then I prayed “my God please, I beg for salvation for myself and also for my guests !”

3rd shoot, captured two objects looked like someone carrying a death sword (on the right) and the other looked like the head of a big snake or dragon (on the left)

Then, i shooted photograph again with my camera and do you know what?
My camera showed those objects were dissapear and captured only the smoke again. And i shooted photograph again and finally nothing captured by my camera except those three ladies were swimming.Afterward, i asked all my guests to finish swimming and requested them to comeback to homestay.

Those three ladies didn’t want to finish swimming because they felt so enjoy swimming.
I tried to asked them again to finish swimming due to the night and i worried about rain would be come.
Again they didn’t want to finish swimming because they still enjoying at the pool.
For the last time i asked them and i said,
 “okay girls please, follow my instruction….
 I am your tour guide and i am responsible for your safety. And please get out from swimming pool and we go back to our Homestay!”.

One lady was argue with me and asking the reason why they should stop swimming.
I told them and i promised that i would explain the reason when we were in homestay.

Finally they followed my instruction to finish swimming. And soon we came back to homestay by walking.

ladies travellers were showering after finish swimming..

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