Bogor is The Most Lovable City in the world

Bogor is The Most Lovable City in the world

Bogor is The Most Lovable City in the world  – in 2016, Bogor City was awarded The Most Lovable City or favorite city netizen selection in the global campaign event in 2016. Bogor is superior to 45 other cities in 20 countries who contributed in the event’s popularity through social media.

With the success of this title, Bogor proved its ability to mobilize public support to realize urban development continuosly. Thus, disclosed Nyoman Iswarayoga, Director of Communications and Advocacy WWF-Indonesia. ( Friday (1 / 7)).

Bogor is The Most Lovable City in the world
Bogor is The Most Lovable City in the world – Botanic garden in Bogor

According Iswarayoga, We Love Cities Campaign in 2016 took place since 26 April 2016 and closed on June 30, 2016 by measuring the level of netizens support by voting on the website We Love Cities and use the hashtag hashtag city #WeLoveCities and participants in social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. In addition, netizens also provide input in the form of measures they want to achieve for their cities in order to become a sustainable city.

 “WWF-Indonesia congratulated all citizens of Bogor for their enthusiasm and support for up to Bogor entitled to hold the title of the most beloved cities or to make Bogor is The Most Lovable City in the world in the event of We Love Cities, 2016.

Hopefully, the City Government can leverage this public support as capital to continue efforts Bogor transition into a sustainable city, “said

Bogor is The Most Lovable City in the world
great place for bicycle sport

We Love Cities global campaign is part of an award event Earth Hour City Challenge (EHCC) which is held every year by the WWF since 2010. Earth Hour City Challenge in 2016 was attended by 125 cities representing 21 countries, including the city of Bogor, Jakarta and Balikpapan.

Cities EHCC participants rated the level of ambition and innovation in developing intelligent solutions to address climate change initiative to encourage sustainable development in advanced in line with local conditions. Earth Hour City Challenge 2016 named Paris as Global Earth Hour Capital and Jakarta as one of the recipients title National Earth Hour Capital.

 To propel the participation of residents of each city in action against climate change, said Iswarayoga, WWF launched a campaign of We Love Cities in the social media world that invites people to show support for the cities that are committed to ongoing efforts to become a city.

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bogor volcano – one of the highlite outdoor activities in Bogor

Looking for tourism spot?

Bogor has a lot of beautiful places and tourism spot such as waterfalls, volcano, tea plantation, etc. Also Bogor has some popular attractions such as paragliding, rafting, mountain hike, jungle trekking, etc.

When you landed in Jakarta airport just about 45 km drive to bogor city and easy to find the highlite things to do by city tour bogor. Peoples in bogor are very anthusiasm to have Bogor is The Most Lovable City in the world


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